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周四 - 2020年8月27日,

Today (and tomorrow) is new product arrival time at dealers for Canon and Nikon mirrorless users. The Canon R6 boxes are showing up, as are Nikon Z5, 70-200mm f/2.8 S, the two Z teleconverters, and even another batch of 24-200mm f/4-6.3. Of course, on the Nikon side pretty much everything but the Z5 will be out of stock by the weekend.


Next week we'll start the next round of new product introductions ;~). I suspect that we're going to see the Japanese companies really trying to get their new gear into the product channels before the quarter ends (September 30).

Wednesday — August 26, 2020

Olympus now has a beta of theirWebcam software适用于MacOS的。


Monday — August 24, 2020

几个你要我拿的Adobe以任务为Lightroom中iOS上的更新是永久删除用户的照片和预设。好了,这是很糟糕。有人Adobe公司犯了大错。但是,如果你真的失去了更新的图像,你将有权要求一定的责任,因为这意味着你没有备份您的iOS设备或云同步图像。如果这是你,我建议iMazing,though you can do something similar with Apple's own software.

Capture One 20 (13.1.2)已被释放,基本错误修复和新的摄像头支持,包括佳能R5 / R6和索尼A7S Mark III的。

Previously on byThom...

Friday — August 21, 2020

An email triggered a thought I've been having for a bit now: that in all the current bad news there's possible future good news. Let me explain.

ILC shipments in 2019 were 8.2m units. Without the pandemic, I would have expected something along the lines of 6.5m units in 2020. Instead, we're currently on track for about 4m units. That's probably considerably under what would be "normal" demand. Normality unfortunately has been decimated mostly because the things you'd buy a new camera to go photograph just aren't happening in your life at the moment, or you just don't have the disposable income to spend on a new body or lens right now.

让我们作出这样的疫苗供应和提高群体免疫的组合显然开始,以减轻2021年初的大流行,就业再增加,这是目前受过教育的前提假设。我的猜测是,在2021春季需求将“反弹”回以上where it likely would have ended up in 2020, with some additional sales occurring due to the pent up demand that the pandemic caused. So let's be a little optimistic: 6m units in 2021, weighted heavily in the summer, fall, and holiday.

If the camera makers really used the combination of market contraction and pandemic to "right size" themselves, 6m units would look like huge growth to them (50%!), and profitability should easily return.


Thursday — August 20, 2020

Adobe已经跌至八月更新其大部分创意云摄影计划产品。在原始转化领域,他们已经添加了对佳能R5和R6,尼康Z5,奥林巴斯E-M10马克IV,松下G100 / G110和索尼A7S马克III和ZV-1的支持。一些这是初步的支持,最终型材尚未作出,但测试。经典的Lightroom 9.4,ACR 12.4和Photoshop 21.2.2也都得到bug修复。

Sony has addedImaging Edge Webcam(仅限于Windows到目前为止),使阿尔法模型的实时流媒体和作为网络摄像头使用。

ProGrade 256GB CFexpress card is available for US$199($ 100美元关)今天只是在B&H新政开发区[广告链接。

Wednesday — August 19, 2020

尼康更新所有的主要软件产品是的terday to support the Z5 (e.g. Capture NX-D, ViewNX-i, etc.).尼康的更新中心

周二 - 2020年8月18日


Monday — August 17, 2020

After all these years of being still in development, I'm happy to report that Sony AlphaUniverse thinks I've finally made it to beta:

Meanwhile, wE需求越长大在互联网上起坐。实际上阅读,然后问鼎其实做检查,以确保来源是正确的。(那些还没有开发;?〜)

Last weekNikkeigot around to "releasing" their 2019 market share reports for all things consumer, which included digital cameras. I'm not sure why it took them over six months to do that, but okay, it's here. The numbers that keep getting mindlessly reposted by others are Canon 45.4%, Sony 20.2%, Nikon 18.6%. These market share numbers are then being used to fuel the flames that Sony is highly successful, Nikon failing.

该first problem with all those posts is that they believe these are interchangeable lens camera numbers. They're not. They're forallcameras. As far as I can resurrect from the actual Nikon/CIPA numbers, Nikon didn't lose significant market share in ILC in 2019; but they did lose substantive share in Coolpix-type cameras as they trimmed the compact lineup. The second problem with all the posts I'm seeing is that these are unit shipments, not sales to customers. Shipments can and are gamed by manufacturers. That's called channel stuffing.

I'm surprised that no one posting about this has actually done the work to look to see what the 2018 Nikkei numbers were, or to check to see if they match up with public data sources.

For instance, the Nikkei unit number doesn't actually match CIPA shipment numbers, so it's unclear where they got their shipment numbers from. Also, they leave the non-Japanese6.3% of the camera market—again, not ILC—unaccounted for, and that's a large number that certainly isn't Leica, Hasselblad, and Phase One (it's probably GoPro, perhaps some others; but who and where the numbers were sourced is not noted that I can tell).

Worse still, for 2018 Nikkei reported compact and ILC cameras separately, while for 2019 they simply put the two together. However, when I put the Nikkei 2018 numbers together, they don't align with what they reported for 2019:

Canon 51.2% -> 45.4% (reported as +2.4 increase!)
尼康28.7% - > 18.6%(报告为-1.6减少)
Sony 20.0% -> 20.2% (reported as +0.9 increase)

Something changed in Nikkei's reporting, and it's not revealed in the data I can see.

Now, no doubt Nikon is struggling as they try to survive the contraction of the camera market while making a transition from DSLR to mirrorless (and now with a pandemic tripping them up further). But realistically, so is everyone else. A +0.9 growth rate (for Sony, and it's not clear that this is accurate, as it also doesn't seem to match Sony's financial disclosures) is not a number that tells me anything useful, because I don't know how many of those are older generation cameras Sony is discounting heavily or how many are older compacts still in the lineup. Likewise, the +2.4 growth cited for Canon is what? Discounted Rebels and G's? It wasn't R's and 1D's and 5D's. And how do you have a positive gain on negative growth in market share?

该Internet is great at spreading information fast. The problem is that disinformation or misleading information spreads as fast as real and useful information. Reader beware.

Wednesday — August 12, 2020

我已经更新上zsystemuser.com等配件的页面,以及,我试图追查齿轮Z 3用户的全域有提供给他们。

与此同时,你们考虑索尼相机nd lenses are going to want to noteB&H's latest offer, good until August 25th(advertiser link). If you purchase selected Sony cameras or lenses and use your PayBoo card to purchase them, you'll not only get the usual sales tax rebate that card offers, but also a 10% credit (of the item's price before taxes). This is one of the better mirrorless camera/lens deals currently running, particularly if you live in a state with high sales tax rates.

周二 - 2020年8月11日

Focus Magic hits 5.0,具有改进锐化算法,更好的噪声处理,一些用户界面的变化,以及MacOS的版本,它现在使用的所有CPU内核的速度。更新是免费的现有用户。

嗯。Canon just discounted the17-40mm的f / 4L透镜(全帧EF贴装)至$ 500(广告链接;和B&H提供进一步〜US $ 20日后折扣券与购买)。这是在一个相当低的价格广泛关注的镜头。

Monday — August 10, 2020

周五 - 2020年8月7日

Thanks for all the great comments on my future site musings yesterday. An idea is beginning to shape itself, now I just have to figure off how to pull it off. The nice thing is that it doesn't change what I've been doing, it only adds to what I'm already doing.

Meanwhile, there's Nikon. Someone asked if I thought they'd fail now given how far the numbers are falling (not just for Nikon, but for the entire camera industry). I still say no, Nikon has plenty of runway left. But if they do fail at some point, it will because they didn't change; it does not seem that they're doing enough soul searching and connection to actual customers, so they're not opening themselves to new ideas, new ways of doing things, or new products.

Instead, Nikon just keeps micromanaging cost cutting. You can't cut your way to success (you can sometimes cut your way to survival, though, which seems to be Nikon's goal). In particular, the whole "proprietary" thing at Nikon is becoming a big issue: they won't open up the lens mount or the communication for accessories to third parties, so that means Nikon has to do everything. But Nikon is cutting cutting cutting, which means that they don't do it.

Thursday — August 6, 2020

Nikon today announced their latest quarter financial results, which I'm sure I'll comment on further. The numbers were abysmal. But I was more struck by Nikon's consensus overall market forecast: 4.8m ILC. This is below Canon's recent forecast, and starts to get very near what I thought would be the "bottom" of ILC volume. The question is whether this is mostly pandemic-caused slowdown, or a real drop in demand? I need some time to do more research and reflect on all the data before presenting any hypothesis on that.

What's still coming for Nikon? "Release new products consecutively in mid-range to high-end targeting professionals and hobbyists and continue to fill out the mirrorless lens lineup.“So, don't expect new entry or true consumer products.



我猜这是好消息:我的公关这一事实oduct recommendations still produce very strong sales among my site readers, coupled with the fact that my site visitation is actually increasing, means that I'm getting lots of "offers" from vendors wanting me to participate in their affiliate and marketing programs. The bad news is that such programs tend to be aggressive in trying to secure continued mentions and this leads toward what is essentially on-going over-promotion on many sites.

该numbers are probably not what you think. I've seen pass-through offers that would trigger 10 to 30% commissions on each sale. I'm particularly uncomfortable with such deals. That feels like one heck of an incentive to promote a product, and it's very difficult to say that you're not letting any bias creep when the numbers get that big. Receiving US$30 on a US$100 software sale, for example, seems excessive (and probably unsustainable long-term). I can see how this has warped some sites towards over promotion of products.

I don't recommend products unless I actually have used them and find them to be truly good enough to warrant said recommendation. I value my reputation, so I try not to undermine it. I can't exactly quantify the bar that a product has to get above for me to recommend it, but I think about that bar all the time.

You'll also note that任何time我可以从你点击的利润,我清楚地识别的关系(通过把一个明确的“广告”或与其“关联公司”的链接符号)。首先,美国联邦贸易委员会要求,虽然似乎有很多网站不明白,或者是有点在他们提到支付关系的方式松懈。其次重要的是,它只是做正确的事情。我问别人的透明度,我努力实践它自己。


I'm not going to sign up for any of those affiliate offers I mentioned earlier at the moment. I'd need to figure out how I protect my reputation for giving clear and un-biased-by-financial-considerations advice in order to do so. But I do think that I can—with perhaps some long overdue extra help—provide more and better information to you than I currently do. So I have to consider any and all future revenue sources.

Yesterday the New York Times reported that their revenue from the digital-only side of their operation finally surpassed that from their print side. Obviously, I'm not the only content provider who's trying to figure out the best long-term practices. I was working on this balance of where future revenue comes from back in the 90's at Rodale, too.

Let me get to the point: I'd love to hear from you about what you think I'm not doing that you think I should be. At some point, I might even ask you to answer a short survey on this.


Wednesday — August 5, 2020

索尼昨日公布的四月至六月季度的业绩。总体来看,公司确实不错,考虑到流感大流行。营收增长2%,年初以来,虽然营业收入下降了1%。相机,虽然,现在埋在巨大的电子产品和解决方案业务,所以这是很难搞清楚事情到底如何表现,尤其是在公司没有按季度报告相机单位体积。而由于仍然和亲视频小组报告了一起,你能做的最好的是看到那些生产略少于一半的销售业绩到一年。那是EP&S组(它包括电视,音频和智能手机,除其他事项外)在最坏的性能。Sony did note that the plants in China and Thailand that make their products are "currently operating as usual."


In the Imaging and Sensing Solutions business where image sensors are made, a significant decline in sales to digital camera makers was noted, though not particularly specified.

Olympus reported their April-June quarter results today. While Olympus is predominately a medical business these days, the portion of the health business they provide equipment for was impacted by the pandemic, as things like colonoscopies got postponed or cancelled. Thus, revenue decreased 21.7% and profits 91.9% year-to-year. The camera business had sales decline 40.9% and the loss increase 17%. It's easier to see why Olympus wants to divest the Imaging Group now. Just look at the last five quarters of profit in imaging (in yen): -2.3b, -3.4b, -1.7b, -3b, -2.7b. And that's before "other" expenses.

To those who are still hopeful about Olympus cameras, R&D hasn't been cut much at all (823m this past quarter versus 850m the year earlier). Yet Olympus only sold 50,000 m4/3 cameras in the quarter, down from 70,000 a year earlier. If that decline holds through the year, that means Olympus will only sell 245k units. That's probably a 3-4% market share.

Finally, we have Tamron also reporting their results this week. "In the digital camera market, the demand has continued to decline and reduced by half compared to the previous year."

One thing that isn't getting noted by many is that the yen is slowly appreciating against the dollar. Most of the Japanese companies are predicting something around a 107 yen to the dollar exchange rate for the year, but that may be optimistic if the current trend continues. I think we'll see the dollar decline further against the yen, which puts pricing pressure on Japanese products. Europe is currently going the other direction, with forecasts showing the yen declining against the Euro.

周二 - 2020年8月4日,


I don't normally write about hearsay posted on rumor sites, butNikon Rumors recently reportedthat Nikon was telling its employees that "DSLR volume sales are higher than mirrorless sales." Many of you asked for my opinion on this, so here goes. Historically, yes, that statement has been true pretty much up to the present, but the detail is revealing. A lot of that volume is the D3500, Nikon's least expensive ILC. If I look at the trendlines of Nikon retail sales, it's clear that F-mount volume (DSLRs) is sliding fast, while Z-mount volume (mirrorless) is clearly rising quickly and will intersect the DSLR line soon, if it hasn't already. If Nikon had a US$500 mirrorless entry camera, I'm pretty sure the DSLR volume would be lower than mirrorless (note that the Z50 kit is US$400 more expensive than the D3500 kit).

A number of years ago I posited that overall mirrorless volume would pass DSLR volume sometime in 2021. It's looking like that will actually happen in 2020, though it's difficult to tell whether the pandemic is influencing that.

Monday — August 3, 2020

Normally, I take the month of August off from the Internet. I may still choose to take some time off this month, but for the moment I'm still connected. Maybe I'll just take a break from updating the photo on top ;~).

周三 - 2020年7月29日

I had a fever dream last night. Nikon took the Z50 image sensor, the D6 focus sensor, and the Z5 battery and created...the D580. That would be a DSLR that would snap heads (as well as any moving subject ;~). Too bad there wouldn't be any lenses for it. Maybe next dream...

Adobe DNG Converter 12.4 betais out with support for the Canon R5/R6, Nikon Z5, and Sony ZV-1.

Tuesday — July 28, 2020


Net camera sales for the quarter were down 53% year to year. Canon expects the global ILC market to drop to 5.4m units this year (it was 8.2m units last year). This is impacting full year estimates, with the Imaging group expected to have a 146b yen drop in net sales. That said, Canon says their view that the overall camera market will eventually stop contracting has not changed. It's just a matter of what unit number it stops at. In the meantime, they're tightening their belts worldwide.

We're going to see this same scenario play out as the other camera makers announce their quarterly results, I think.

Monday — July 27, 2020


B&H is having a sale onMacBook Pro 13" (mid-2019)models with some very good pricing (US$200-500 off). [Advertiser link]

周五 - 2020年7月24日,

该zsystemuser site has been very active since I started it with the Z5 release. I posted two more articles today:

If you're into RSS feeds, point yours at zsystemuser.com (some readers may need to be pointed to https://www.zsystemuser.com/nikon-z-system-news-and/). I've also continued adding and correcting information about the Z5 and most recent lenses.

Adobe this week posted critical security updates to Photoshop CC, so make sure to use your Creative Cloud updater to grab those.

Topaz Labs released Sharpen AI 2.1.0 with new features, including an auto masking capability. The update is free to existing users.

Wednesday — July 22, 2020

不过昨天有很多事情与Z5公布了zsystemuser.com。我已经添加four more articles to the news/views,updated specs, updated the Z5 FAQ, and much more.

Tuesday — July 21, 2020

Surprise, surprise.

Today Nikon introduced the Z5, their new entry-level full frame mirrorless camera. But that's not all that's new.Today I introducezsystemuser.com我的新网站专门为尼康到Z体系的相机。所有你正在寻找最新的尼康既增加在Z系统,还有Z50,Z6,Z7和Z镜头的信息,可以对新的网站,这是由于事物的数量尼康宣布发现,将全天(这里我最终会后各个环节)进行更新是的,所有这些信息将被添加到sansmirror后的今天,太。

Yeah, there's even more over on zsystemuser.com, but I'll leave you to discover it. I've given you enough of a drink through a fire hose already this morning.

Monday — July 20, 2020

嗯。刚刚宣布12K大熊迷你Pro是谈到了将更多,更有趣。该APS-C尺寸的传感器不是传统的4×4 Bayer模式,它是用一半的感光单元为白色(仅亮度),其余为红,绿,蓝等数字新6x6的模式。从技术上讲,这意味着它完全装仓下降到1080P 17:9的格式(2048×1080)。Blackmagic Design的也选择ISO 800为基准(可能是增益点的组合和额外的光认为,“白”是感光点赢得)。

8 k和4 k输出你需要运行一些rt of new demosaic routine (it only shoots raw video). Once again we have a company claiming no color moire by avoiding Bayer, but the minute we have to interpolate in a demosaic routine, there will be some form of artifacting that occurs. Whether that's visible, let alone annoying, is a story to still be examined.

同时,在美国富士胶片用户应该注意的是一套新的即时回扣都已经生效。该站出来给我的那些都是上好的10-24mm F / 4镜头的$ 300的折扣,并在X-A7的US $ 200的折扣与套装镜头(只有$ 100美元的折扣在X-T200,如果您需要一个EVF)。这后者,特别是有人想有一个摄像头转换成IR物美价廉的好人选。此外,中画幅GFX50R是US $ 3500(US $降1000)只有身体,把它变成高像素的全画幅定价。

Friday — July 17, 2020

What have they been drinking, down under? These Bruces are definitely not bludgers. 12,288 x 6480 80mp APS-C (Super35) sensor, is their latest concoction. Yep, Blackmagic Design didn't think 8K was enough, so now we have the12K Ursa Mini Provideo camera. Pretty insane numbers: 12K/60P, 8K/110P, 4K/110P, or 4K/220P (with additional crop), all in 12-bit raw. Who said the pixel count wars were over? Oh, by the way, you can get it in F-mount (not autofocus, though).

Skylum Luminar 4.3adds a space shuttle (!?@?), search, D780/Z50/P950 and other recent camera support, improved cropping tool, and the usual stability and performance improvements.

Thursday — July 16, 2020

It's starting to look like the camera companies are figuring out this Web launch thing.索尼只是提出了一个传情对于7月28日(美国东部时间上午10点)的A7S Mark III的推出。暂无相关信息直接从索尼,但是一些细节已经泄露,其中一些可能是故意泄漏(佳能是透明有关,这是你应该做的方式)。兴发官网

Meanwhile, Leica has taken the M10 and added an R. Okay, that's a little facetious. Thenew M10-R is a 40mp version of the classic M camera。基本上M10 Monochrom,只Bayerized。

Pixelmator Pro 1.7adds one interesting thing for photographers: upscaling raw images (ML Super Resolution).

周三 - 2020年7月15日



As I've noted many times before, Nikon is fiscally run as a very tight ship. They hoarded cash before needing it. They continue to spend on R&D. Nikon should still be making cameras years from now.

Monday — July 13, 2020

周五 - 2020年7月10日,

周四 - 2020年7月9日,

It's Canon launch day. Lot's of Canon things to talk about:


Meanwhile, Fujifilm has release Fujifilm X Raw Studio 1.10.1, Raw File Converter EX 3.0, and has now added Fujifilm X Webcam for macOS.

Tuesday — July 7, 2020

Monday — July 6, 2020

This will be a busy week, but for today, an oldie but goodie returns:

Since I know someone will ask, does this mean I'll be bringing back some of my other older DSLR books? My answer is probably. I started looking through what it will take to get the D3/D3s/D3x Guide available again. It seems like a do-able task, so I've started working on that. No, I have no ETA. It will be work I try to fit into other things I'm doing, so may take awhile. From there, I'd probably only look at the D300/D300s and D700 books as others I might resurrect.

周四 - 2020年7月2日,

有些人会感到惊讶的是奥林巴斯刚刚宣布了一项新的M4 / 3的路线图。不要。我们很可能会看到也从他们至少另一个摄像头剥离发生之前,太。细节:在150-400mm F / 4 Pro将在冬季2020年发布,以及新8-25mm的f / 4镜头临已添加到镜头路线图。奥林巴斯还宣布了测试版的软件使用OM-D模型Web cams,albeit only for Windows.

Wednesday — July 1, 2020

Thomas L Friedman nailed it on the head this morning:respect science, respect nature, respect each other。Do your statements and actions really stand up to that advice? If not, how would you defend yourself? Because science shouldn't be ignored, nature does what it's programmed to do and responds to provocation, and if you don't respect others, they won't respect you. While his statement wasn't particularly in support of this idea, note that wearing a face mask while out in public means you're respecting all three things. Just by looking at faces I can now tell that there are way too many people out there that have no respect for science, nature, or others. Until that changes, things aren't going to get better.

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