New or Old for the Exotic Telephotos?Every time Canon or Nikon introduces a newly refined version of their exotic telephoto lenses, the question comes up: is the new one worth the money, or can I save some money by purchasing an older version? The answer is in thearticle on dslrbodies.com


Existential Crisis.To a large degree, what's been happening in the camera business—and which has completely spilt over into all of photography now—is an existential crisis. But you know, that doesn't matter. We'll either have a few (or maybe many) camera companies get their lives and priorities in order and produce products that propel us forward or we won't. What's disturbing, though, is I see so many people who've attached their own photographic value to the gear they're using, not on the pictures they take. Thus, if the cameras are in crisis, so is their photography.Article on dslrbodies.com


Who Listens Most?A couple of my articles recently, particularly the "What We've Never Gotten" article last week, have provoked some comments to me about who is and who isn't listening in terms of camera makers. Of course I have my own views on this ;~).Article on dslrbodies.com

Panasonic Hints at Changes in Camera Group.松下开始告诉日本商务出版社上周迟到了他们计划继续重组其业务。兴发官网几年后,我指出,松下的首席执行官为庞大的集团中的所有子业务发出了最终的概括:达到了最低5%的投资回报率或风险消除。数码相机是他针对的那些业务之一。Nikkei亚洲评论现在报告说,松下的相机业务将被缩小。实际上,他们使用术语“拆除”,似乎更加苦难。兴发娱乐关于Sansmirror.com的文章


Some Final CP+ Notes.Just a quick follow-up on the CP+ show in Japan back in February, as I've not seen this information posted anywhere else.Article on dslrbodies.com

What We've Never Gotten From Camera Makers.The first useful digital cameras appeared in the 1980’s. In the 1990’s most of the camera makers had digital options of some sort, even if only at the low end. With the turn of the century, digital kicked into full gear with the DSLR era. Digital camera shipments grew dramatically for just over a decade, then peaked a few years ago. We’re now in what is a “mature market.” A declining market. Funny thing is, during all this time there have been things that photographers have asked for that have just not been put into our cameras, our files, our software, or our documentation.Article on dslrbodies.com

March 15

How Did Nikon Fix Transfer for macOS Sierra?Oh dear.Article on dslrbodies.com(Digital Photography Software News blog page)

March 14

什么消失不是相机公司。As we see the overall demand for cameras shrink and shrink and shrink, it isn't camera companies that go away. The fact that Pentax is still designing and selling DSLRs should tell you that camera companies don't die in Japan. They just morph while getting physically smaller and finding a bigger parent to shield them.Article on dslrbodies.com

高端不可用。At least for the latest cameras, we're back to seeing a trend we saw many years ago during the digital era ramp up: back-orders on new products.Article on dslrbodies.com

March 13

DSLR系统已死亡。由于奥林巴斯发布了任何新的4/3个DSLR,因此已经超过了六年了,E-5几乎是该品种的最后一个品种。但现在每个人都注意到,来自四分之一的最新镜头目录也表示,4/3镜头的生产现已正式停止。Article on dslrbodies.com

Ingest Software.我们需要将照片从我们的相机上删除,然后到我们的计算机(或电话/平板电脑/云)。我将首先描述我认为最终摄取的东西。Article on dslrbodies.com(Accessories/Software/Software Products)

Missing Nikkors 2017.几乎十年来,我使用试图考虑镜头阵容的历史方面的方法更新了我的“缺少的尼克斯”文章。兴发娱乐今年我以为我会尝试不同的东西。我将提出两套镜片基础和异国情调 - 然后看看Nikkor阵容中缺少的东西。Article on dslrbodies.com(镜头/透镜文章/焦距)兴发手机下载兴发娱乐


Why I Think the Nikon DL Cancellation Was Wrong.这正是为什么DL系列取消是尼康的可怕决定,即使他们不会像预期的那样耗尽它。从我的框中:DSLRB兴发娱乐ODIES.com的完整文章

Also note that my数字摄影软件页面is keeping up with the latest updates, including Adobe's Lightroom announcement yesterday.


全系列尼康固件更新。The D3400, D5600, D7200, D500, D750, and D810 have all gotten recent firmware updates.Article on dslrbodies.com

More Thoughts on the State of Mirrorless.My views are changing a bit about mirrorless as time progresses. Back when I started using mirrorless cameras, it was as a supplement to my DSLRs. In particular, I began by using m4/3 cameras for the wide to moderate telephoto range while I was on safari, leaving my two DSLRs both with telephoto lenses (typically 70-200mm and 400mm at full frame focal lengths). So what do I think about each of the most talked about choices these days? Here's my thinking about the main contenders in a nutshell.兴发娱乐关于Sansmirror.com的文章


尼康并没有丢失大家。After my article last week on what Nikon users are thinking, there was a minor blip in the In Box that countered some of what I wrote, so let's get right to that.Article on dslrbodies.com

承认错误的方式。It's rare that the Japanese admit failure at something, but when they do they often make the admission in ways that simply don't resonate right with Western audiences.Article on dslrbodies.com

Nikon's Window Gets Narrower.机会窗口在尼康旁边关闭。他们对动作相机游戏这么少的事实是如此迟到,然后在高级紧凑的音调上彻底膨胀是问题的两个组件。另一个是他们缺乏专门的视频竞技场中的任何东西。Article on dslrbodies.com3月3日

尼康用户在说什么。由于尼康的取消DL线和寡糖r basic no-show with anything new at CP+, my In Box has been swelling with comments from the Nikon faithful. I thought I'd take a few of those comments and open them up for a broader discussion of what's happening in the Nikon user world.Article on dslrbodies.com


Canon EOS M5 Review.此前,佳能似乎是低弹性的MISORLSS M型号,为某种进入用户拍摄,具有低期望直接摄像机控制和略微低的焦点和其他性能预期。另一方面,M5似乎是一款真正精心设计的小型反叛单反,并与Canon DSLRS共享了很多DNA。Review on sansmirror.com

Hasselblad XCD lenses updated, including new120mm f/3.5

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